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Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

Building Luxury Homes Using Modular Construction

Prefabrication isn’t a new technique in construction. It’s been a big help in putting together lower-cost housing and speeding the construction of modular homes for years.

It’s also sometimes associated with lower quality. But today contractors and designers are taking prefab to new places, and proposing exciting new uses. Here are just a few ways prefab is expanding into the construction industry.

Making Construction Greener—and More Customized

Using prefabrication to help put together modular homes isn’t a new concept. What is newer, however, is using prefab to give customers a more customized design while still cutting waste—sometimes to 10% or less.

As reported on Mashable, design firms can let customers choose a concept, then outsource much of the major construction to factories. This means walls, beams, flooring, and other components can be built off-site—reducing on-site work to assembling the pieces.

These factory-made parts, because they’re planned out precisely, can cut waste to almost nothing—an important consideration for environment-conscious owners and builders. This method also significantly reduces construction costs and lets you plan material costs more precisely.

Changing the Face of Luxury Homes

Some designers and builders are trying to change the image of prefabricated housing from cookie-cutter trailers to high-end luxury projects.

Page through Dwell Magazine and you will find numerous articles on prefab homes. These homes are already out in the real world.

Another pioneer of this concept is David Rockwell, whose techniques result in highly customizable homes. As reported by Fast Company, his concept uses prefabrication to create a series of rectangular rooms that can be arranged the way the owner wants (one example is building the rooms around an open interior courtyard).

Thanks to this technique, and the variety of exterior finish options, Rockwell’s prefab homes can be shipped just about anywhere and be tailored to fit the destination’s landscape.

These are just some of the ways prefabrication is being used to make construction less wasteful without sacrificing quality design.

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